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The Bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy were among the most stunning moments of the 20th Century. Imagine that there was evidence proving the United States, at its highest levels, knew the intent of both events—ahead of time.

On the heels of his most successful novel, Final Mission: Zion, in which he tackled the horrors of the Holocaust, Chuck Driskell now takes on Pearl Harbor and the JFK Assassination as only he can, with a decidedly unexpected twist.

Enter Max Warfield, a man who supports himself by raiding heroin dealers for their cash. Max’s crimes make him the target of a shadowy network. The network takes him by force and gives him a choice: steal the aforementioned evidence for them, or die. While the network has accounted for every single facet of the mission, they’ve made one critical error: they’ve grossly underestimated Max Warfield.

Once again on the run, and this time in possession of history-altering evidence, Max finds himself in a position to turn the tables on the network. But, by doing so he could decimate the United States and cause significant loss of life.

Combining historical fiction, espionage, crime, and intrigue—with a memorable cast of characters—Fringe Theory delivers thrills and chills all the way to its explosive climax in the snowy French Alps.

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Chuck Driskell's Antagonists Take Out Full-Page Ad in Publishers Weekly

(Reprinted with permission of Schweizer Finanzzeitung)

Geneva, Switzerland - In an unprecedented move, a group of antagonists from author Chuck Driskell’s novels have teamed together to generate a plea to the publishing universe in the form of a letter.  Numerous sources claim the primary author is Andreas Konstantinou, a terrorist financier previously believed to be dead after a 1994 Tel Aviv bombing.  Despite the flowery villain-language of the letter, the prose is impressive considering Konstantinou is Cypriot by birth and learned English while at university.

Other unconfirmed reports indicate an intense conflict took place during the crafting of the letter, as several narcissistic antagonists were reportedly upset at their lack of inclusion in the letter’s content.  Though no loss of life was reported, gunshots and cursing were heard coming from the antagonists’ lair in Geneva’s Pâquis area, known for its lively red light district.

When reached for comment about the letter, Chuck Driskell expressed concern and warned that none of the antagonists should be trusted.  He singled out Rebekka Gräfin from Lahn’s Edge as the villain most likely to lure in unsuspecting victims.  “She’s a genius.  She’s dazzling.  She’s aggressive.  She’s unscrupulous and uses sex as a weapon.  She’d make a fine American politician.” 

Driskell denied associating with people similar to his antagonists, despite numerous reports to the contrary.  “I refuse to admit that I run around with that type of person,” he said.  “But even if I did, who could blame an author for simply trying to add a thread of authenticity to his works by spending time with unsavory people?"  

The author continued to defend his alleged actions.  "Flawed characters come in all shapes and forms.  I remember attending a formal event in New York City where I sat at a table with a mixed crowd of a dozen professionals.  Tuxedos.  Sequined gowns.  True blue bloods.  And even among that crowd, you wouldn't believe the debauchery and treachery I witnessed.”  

When pressed about the event in question, Driskell eventually confirmed it was the literary event Thrillerfest.  He was seated with a group of authors, agents and editors from the publishing community.

The letter from the Driskell antagonists first appeared in the March 20th issue of Publishers Weekly and can be viewed at the following LINK.